Protect Your Interests With Strategic Legal Representation

As a business manager or owner, much of your energy may go into building or maintaining your business. In order to capitalize on opportunities, avoid risks and solve problems, the assistance of an experienced attorney can be indispensable at times.

At Corbett, Anderson, Corbett, Vellinga & Irvin, L.L.P., our attorneys have been serving Siouxland businesses for well over 100 years. We can help you further your interests and protect what you have worked hard for.

Sioux City Entity Formation Attorneys

Incorporating a business or establishing a partnership can help you protect yourself from personal liability, improve your tax treatment and brand your venture as legitimate. If you need to make your business official as a legal entity, we can assist you in the formation of an entity such as:

  • A "C" corporation or "S" corporation
  • A limited liability corporation (LLC)
  • A limited partnership
  • A general partnership

Our attorneys will assess your situation and your goals, and advise you regarding what type of entity may best suit your needs.

Comprehensive Business Representation

We represent a variety of smaller and larger companies in a comprehensive array of business matters that are important to them. With extensive practice experience, our attorneys are skilled in handling issues related to:

  • Employment law
  • Contracts
  • Dispute resolution and litigation
  • Real estate transactions, documents, loan closings, plattings and mortgage foreclosures
  • Business succession planning and business dissolution
  • Debtor-creditor matters, including creditors and debtors in bankruptcy
  • Construction, agriculture, food products, manufacturing, banking and other industries

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